Hi I'm Dave DeLisle and I'm
running as a candidate for
People's Party of Canada.
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2019 Electoral Platform:
Read all about how we plan on fixing Our Government and Our Country, making Canada Strong and Free Once Again, our policy on Firearms and Immagration,
Trade Barriers and ending Corporate Welfare.

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Climate Change is naturally
occuring. It is not man-made.
It's time to AXE the CARBON TAX.

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::The People's Party of Canada::
It's time to make Canada Strong and Free once again!
A vote for the PCC is a vote for Freedom and Liberty!
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A party that stands up for all canadians.
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Recent News:

Election Day is Here!

The Election day has finally arrived, it all comes down to this. If you haven't already voted, please vote today! We need all the support we can get. Show your support and Vote.
Posted: Oct-21-2019

Advance Polls Now Open

The Advance Polling Stations are now open. Please show your support and Vote, Vote, Vote!
Posted: Oct-11-2019

Meet the Candidates

On Tuesday, Oct 1, Moose FM in Espanola is sponsoring an all candidate's meeting with the five candidates running for the seat in A-M-K. Details on "News & Events" page.
Posted: Sept-28-2019