About Me

My name is Dave DeLisle and I am representing the People's Party of Canada for the Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing Riding in the October 2019 General Election. I believe that a Government should be run and managaed by a strong leader and a strong sense of direction. I believe that Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada will best represent all of Canada and it's citizens to bring back Canadian Values and our Freedoms.

Why I chose to run for the People's Party of Canada

I am not, nor have I ever been a lawyer/lawmaker. I am an average Canadian citizen. I am an avid Outdoorsman and easy to get along with. I chose to join the People's Party of Canada because we need "REAL" change in our government and "REAL" canadians to stand up and speak on behalf of other Canadians. Since I am an average Canadian, who better to represent the average Canadians than myself. My whole life I lived in the Lower-class trying to get by. I have never been a working middle-class citizen, so I can relate to what it's like struggling to get by on low-to-no incomes. The PPC will not only represent the middle-class but also the lower-class working canadians who are struggling to get by. We believe everyone should be treated equally and not based on their income. I believe that the Corporations must STOP recieving breaks and "stop" passing the buck onto the consumer. Doing so will return money into your pockets, making every canadian a little more richer and able to afford the basic necessities.
Now is the time for Change. Our Current government and the Leaders of the Major four Parties (Green, Liberal, NDP and Conservative) are so corrupt in their ways that they do not see everything their doing for a so called "better" Canada, is actually hurting "Everyone" and they think this is OK?!?!. Maxime Bernier wants to Return Canada back to its former Prosperous ways and bring us back to one of the worlds strongest strongholds.