Why Vote for the People's Party of Canada?

Two words: Canada First;
The People's Party of Canada has but one agenda: Putting All Canadians and Canada first! This will be done by revoking 90% of the Motions and Bills passed by the Liberal Government that ended up ruining our country, such as M-103. The PPC will also restore all of our Rights and Freedoms as guaranteed in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1981), such as the Freedom of Expression, Opinion, Thought and Beliefs but also the Freedom of Press and other Media Communications.

When motion M-103 was passed, it essentially revoked our Freedom of Religion, which is guaranteed in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1981) and marked all religions, except Islam, as being condemned and basically, forbidden in this country. This meaning anyone practicing any religion, other than Islam, is considered an "Islamaphobist" and can be punished under this new law. In other words, pushing these religions underground. The People's Party of Canada will repeal M-103 and re-instate the guraanteed "Freedom of Religion" and other freedoms such as expression.

We here at the People's Party of Canada believe in Free Speech, not censored speech/condemning speech. We do not believe in the UN's "Migration Compact" but rather see it as an "Invasion" since no one being brought in is willing to assimalate to our ways of life but rather want us to give up all our ways and become like them, so "Invasion" is the best way to describe it. We do not have a "Globalist (One-world government)" agenda like that of Andrew Scheer's Conservative's, Jagmeet Singh's NDP's, Elizabeth May's Green Party, and the Justin Trudeau Liberals. All of these party's leaders wish to surrender all of Canada's remaining Sovereignty over to the UN and eliminate our remaing Culture, our Canadian Values, remove the last of our remaing Rights and Freedoms that used to be guaranteed in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1981), and make us into an Islamic country. We cannot allow this to happen. Justin Trudeau has admitted multiple times that he "LOVE'S" the way China and Cuba Rule their country and shows multiple fronts of being a Communist and also has admitted to being an Islamist Supporter. If Trudeau get's in again, we believe he WILL implement Sharia Law, and WE WILL NOT stand for this.